Primary Weekly Press August 17-21, 2015

girl-with-giant-pencil Tuesday

Group 1:

We decorated door hangers so we know where to put our book bags when we come to preschool.

Group 2:

We decorated our August and September calendar with an apple and a worm!



We painted book bags red and blue to hang in the classroom and read the Creation Story. We decorated our names with glitter because God made us special!

Large Motor:

We went to the park!


For snack this week we had Minion fruit snacks, Kool-Aid and Froot Loop Cereal.

Snack Update:

(24) We added another student and we have a PEANUT ALLERGY

Director’s Notes

First Week:

What a wonderful first week! I have to say, this is the biggest Primary Class we have had in several years. So we decided to hire a Tuesday assistant. Her name is Jessy Steele and she is also our webmaster! Jessy has helped with our programs, slide shows, technology, and summer camps for years so we felt it was a perfect fit. Welcome Miss Jessy! In addition, thank you for all the extra supplies you donated! We appreciate it!

Pick-up and Drop-off:

Thank you for your patience this first week. Once we get to know the vehicles we will be doubling up on getting children into your vehicles for pick-up.

Chili Cook-Off

Do you have what it takes to win our annual Chili Cook-Off? Bring a crock pot full of chili and see if yours beats out all the rest! Also, great books at great prices for your children available for cash-n-carry.