Primary Weekly Press Jan. 4-8, 2016

Tuesday  girl-with-giant-pencil

Group 1:

We learned and traced the Letter N

Group 2:

We colored a SQUARE

Group 3:

Sorting Colors and Shapes.



Lots of SQUARE items to share today!


Made a house for our SQUARE page for our book. Colored a winter hat for our classroom decoration.

Large Motor:

Played hopscotch with Numbers; Name game with animals, and shape and color puzzles.

Director’s Notes:

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you and your family a blessed 2016!


Parent’s Day Out (PDO):

Registration forms will be sent home next Tuesday for our first PDO of the school year.  Hope lots of children can join us!

Chili Cook-Off:

We are up to 10 entries for our event!  We are still looking for more…we need some tough competition, plus enough to feed your judges!  Even if you are not submitting chili, please come join us and to help raise money for some classroom equipment.  We will also have an AWESOME variety of books to purchase from Scholastic.  Start some early Christmas shopping next week!

Preschool Pictures

Don’t forget pictures will be taken on Tuesday, Sept. 22. Bring your smiles!