Primary Weekly Press Jan. 4-8, 2016

Tuesday  girl-with-giant-pencil

Group 1:

We learned and traced the Letter N

Group 2:

We colored a SQUARE

Group 3:

Sorting Colors and Shapes.



Lots of SQUARE items to share today!


Made a house for our SQUARE page for our book. Colored a winter hat for our classroom decoration.

Large Motor:

Played hopscotch with Numbers; Name game with animals, and shape and color puzzles.

Director’s Notes:

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and we wish you and your family a blessed 2016!

Preschool Carnival:

Our annual “Goodbye to Winter Carnival” will be here before we know it!  Amanda Enochs has volunteered to be our   Silent Auction Chair again and we    appreciate her hard work.  The Carnival Chronicle will be sent home next week with more details.  We would like donations, workers and word of mouth advertising to help this be the best Carnival ever!

Event Change

Please change your long range calendar.  We are cancelling the Purse Auction scheduled for Feb. 9 and replacing it with a Canvas, Coffee and Cookie evening in April!  Information will be sent home soon!