Our Curriculum

Education Plans Set to Age Level

We pride ourselves on a low student to teacher ratio. Our teachers develop age-appropriate activities that introduce and strengthen academic and social skills.

In addition to the ‘basics’, we offer students a range of gross motor and creative opportunities including daily music classes, play time and we strive to include enrichment activities that extend our students knowledge and understanding of the world outside the classroom.

Toddler Class (2 year old)

Our Toddlers join us one day a week and are introduced to the preschool in a warm and welcoming environment. Daily routines include playtime, circle time (counting the calendar days, name recognition, introducing shapes and colors), small motor skills and large motor activities. Music is also a part of their day.


Primary Class (3 year old)

Our Primary Class continues what they have learned in their toddler class but with a more structured day. The morning begins with playtime where the children interact with their friends and “visit” with the teachers. After clean-up, circle time is a fun event where our special helper and line leaders for the week are introduced. Calendar time is followed by the introduction of primary colors, shapes and the numbers 1-10. Activities center around these particular areas of learning. Thursdays are show-n-tell days followed by large motor activities and music. Special alphabet snacks add to our day.




owl-supply-monitorPre-K Class (4 and 5 year old)

The Pre-K Class is the final preparation for kindergarten. Along with activities that begin the day such as playtime and circle time, the children attend Teddy Bear Express on Mondays. This is based on three centers –
crafts, social activities and math. Wednesday are academic days that are spent in the classroom learning the sound of the letter, writing the letter of the week, stories associated with the letter, beginning sight words and Clifford the Big Red Dog Scholastic mini magazines. We also enjoy the special alphabet snack of the week donated by the children. Fridays are filled with show-n-tell, large motor, and making an alphabet page for their year-end alphabet book. Each day, when time allows, we enjoy getting together and learning new songs as well as singing favorites.